Grey Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover

Introducing our meticulously crafted hand-crafted Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover. This exquisite piece is a testament to the fusion of bespoke artistry and functional elegance, resulting in a harmonious blend that elevates any living space. Carefully crafted with attention to every detail, this creation has the power to redefine the ambience of your room. It seamlessly marries utility and artistic craftsmanship, showcasing a perfect harmony between practicality and aesthetic appeal.

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Introducing our handmade Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover, a masterpiece that harmoniously marries bespoke craftsmanship and functional elegance. Crafted with meticulous care, this creation is poised to redefine the ambience of your living space, seamlessly merging utility and artistic craftsmanship.

Crafted from superior 18mm water-resistant MDF, our Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover is a testament to unwavering quality. Each edge is meticulously chamfered to perfection, reflecting precision. The high-standard wipeable paint finish not only imparts a polished appearance but also simplifies maintenance, ensuring the cover’s longevity.

The allure of personalization takes centre stage, with a diverse palette of Farrow and Ball shades to choose from. This ensures that the radiator cover seamlessly integrates with your interior design, becoming a pivotal element of your room’s aesthetic.

The highlight of this creation is the Panel Fretwork design, effortlessly combining practicality with elegance. This unique design element conceals your radiator while introducing visual interest and texture to your space.

Arriving fully assembled, the Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover is ready to grace your room as soon as it arrives. With a dispatch time of 4 to 6 weeks, you can anticipate its timely delivery. The high-quality finish speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence, and the included hook fixings guarantee a hassle-free installation process.

Elevate your living environment with the marriage of design and utility – the Handmade Panel Fretwork Radiator Cover. Redefine your decor with a statement piece that seamlessly merges elegance and function. Transform your space with a bespoke creation that adds character while serving as a stylish solution for concealing radiators. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of living where bespoke craftsmanship effortlessly blends aesthetics and purpose, creating an unparalleled home experience.


Unpainted, White, Black, Brilliant White, Mushroom, Northern Droplet, Quiet Shade, Watercress, Mole's breath, Manor house gray, Ammonite, Skimming stone, French Gray, Hague blue, Stiffkey blue, Railings, Joa's white, Wimborne, Slipper Satin, Blue gray, Off white, Oxford stone, Pavillion Gray, London Stone, Liquorice, Jitney, Card Room Green, Custom Colour

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“I’m very grateful to Liam who, when I asked, made me a custom version (different colour and size, but the same design). I had a couple of queries which Liam answered really quickly and helpfully. I love it! The quality and workmanship is great, and it looks impressive in my hall. People are already commenting on it after only a couple of days. I’m really happy. Thoroughly recommend this.”


“Ordered the Florence radiator cover for my lounge.

Ordered the Florence radiator cover for my lounge and I am delighted with the result, it looks stunning. All contact with Liam was prompt and polite including confirmation of delivery. The radiator cover was well packed, true to size and finished to a high quality. I definitely recommend purchasing from Liam if you wish to receive a quality radiator cover to enhance your home.”


“We have ordered a radiator cover and TV cabinet and they are so beautiful and unique. We loved that were made bespoke and have received so many amazing compliments on them. They were packaged amazingly well – we were worried as we have had bad experiences with damaged furniture from other companies. We love them so much we have already ordered another radiator cover. There was an initial issue with delivery (this was an issue with the courier) but Liam’s team were so helpful and ensured it was redelivered on a day that suited us.”